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Episode 10

Published on:

25th May, 2020

Episode 9

Published on:

18th May, 2020

Episode 8

Published on:

11th May, 2020

Episode 7

Published on:

4th May, 2020

Episode 6

Published on:

27th Apr, 2020

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About the Podcast

Song Reach
provides a home for artists to showcase their songs to a wider authentic audience and allow fans to easily explore music in a fun new way.!

How many times have you done this going through a playlist? I bet it's been a lot more than the number of songs you added to your library. These days it's getting difficult to hear more of what you "like," in an age where the internet has become saturated with various listening platforms.

Song Reach can help guide listeners through unmarked territory for exploring new music, curated by Taylor Fite (twin musician of Saving Cadence who's been involved in the music-verse for over 15 years). He caters each episode with ear-picked songs that share common feeling. We delve into the depths of artist background, current events, personal endeavors, interviews and most importantly- spankin' new tunes.

Are you ready to explore more music to hold in your daily life library?

All you have to do is reach.

Song Reach

About your host

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Taylor Fite

When I was a lot younger I could care less about music. Video games and girls mostly occupied my mind, till one day, my best friend burned me a CD and introduced me to two bands, Sum 41 and Blink 182. This changed everything.

Throughout my teens I fanatically listened to more and more pop punk rock: The Starting Line, Yellowcard and pretty much all of the Fueled By Ramen artists. In freshman year of high school I started my first band with my twin brother- "No Need For Pants," then decided to grow up a little and changed to a more mature name- "Saving Cadence" with the help of an online generator. (Epic background story, I know *insert squinty eyed laughing emoji*).

Now, with over 15 years writing, performing, engineering, recording, producing, touring, managing, booking, learning, outright creating anything audibly-pleasurable experience, I have come to the trailhead of podcasting. Let's see where this leads. Thanks for listening and reaching out.

-Taylor Fite